Created By Angelica Cassidy & Ian Paul Cassidy

RollerCoaster is a music filled romantic comedy series, that follows Angelica, a sarcastic and quirky actress, singer and writer. The story of her strange life in Los Angeles unfolds, with odd-ball characters and awkward moments, all while following the writing of her country-pop album. It's a feel good, dry comedy, with an inside look to the writing of an album, weaved into a modern day love story.

THe pilot is based on the first single on the album, "I Won't Go Back", and addresses domestic violence, addiction, and getting away from abuse, as well as addressing all the hardships artists face trying to make it in Hollywood. The series as a whole focuses on female empowerment and modern relationships. A powerful underdog story of an independent female artist creating her dreams, perservering and overcoming every hardship that comes with telling her personal story, and the love story that fueled her movement.